Nitty Gritty & Sexy All Over

This band has been taking off over the last year. Covid somehow has made this band strong as an old fashioned locomotive. In August of last year they release their first EP only of July last year. Their single Unicorn Bones caught the attention of many media outlets and their music video for Unicorn Bones received over 1,000 views in the first 2 weeks. I’ll admit I just heard about them in the beginning of this year but I’m quickly becoming big fan.

Rock out to Unicorn Bones

The band is considered Post Punk. Personally, I just want to call it dirty sexy music. Their music reminds me going to a hole in the wall punk or metal bar in a big city, like Chicago. You go into the bar and red is illuminated all over the place due to the neon beer signs. You walk around and see people wearing leather, jeans, fishnets, and eye liner. The bar floor looks like it’s had a few bar fights that were resolved fast enough; cleaning the after math, not so much. You grab a beer. You listen to the band on stage. Obviously it’s Bellhead. You head towards the bathroom. As you approach the bathroom, you notice there is a chunk of door missing. You peer through the hole in the door & you see a couple making out. One has a large mohawk but that’s all you can really make out without prying too much. This long description is what vibes I get from them.

This snippet pretty much strengthens what I just said.

Bellhead’s sound pretty much explains the Chicago nightlife from what I’ve experienced living here off and on. They are from Chicago and I’m happy to have them as part of this great big city. Their second EP comes out in a few days, July 16th. I’ve listened to the EP and love it. They continue their solid sound in this EP. I just wish they already had more music out so I can listen to more.

A sample of a song on the EP. WARNING- sex, drugs, & amputation in the very short video

With the 5 songs on the EP, 3 are faster paced and 2 are a slower pace. All are good and the order they put them in has a good flow. I highly encourage you to check them out and listen to their new EP. A goodie is one about Frankenstein’s monster. It has a touch of a rockabilly horror vibe.

Below are their social media links and where you can listen to their music








A Musical Visit to Russia

Back in January a a Russian music label called Chtonic Muzak got a hold of us to take a look at some of their bands.

The main one they showed us was Karluv Tyn. They are a side project of a more known band in Russia, Giant Waves. Both bands have been played on the radio and Podcasts in Germany, Italy, USA, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Poland, and Spain.

I will admit this is my first time hearing this band. I like them. They fit the spring sunset I’m currently watching from my window.

I’m trying to come up with the best way to describe their sound. Their press release couldn’t of said it better “cold-pop project in Russian….we were inspired by 80-s pop music, soviet wave, apocalyptic folk lyrics,  European Christian mysticism and Russian poetry. Karluv Tyn is the name of a famous large gothic castle founded 1348 by Charles IV, so the band took it to emphasize the dark atmosphere of the songs and west Slavic culture. The project was founded in 2017 on the base of GIANT WAVES band with the intention to provide eastern block post-punk/coldwave music to the bigger European audience.”

Before the plague hit, Karluv Tyn was going to release physical copies of their newest album. Instead they ended up digitally releasing it. The video above is their official quarantine video. It’s pretty good considering the restrictions of the plague and all. The album is pretty amazing as well. I can’t speak Russian so I don’t know what they’re saying but the rhythm is easy to dance to.

Below I’ll post another quarantine video so you listen to more of their music.

Get your head bopping to this set.

The music video below is the adjacent band that is more known, Giant Waves. This is posted so you can hear both bands.

If you like either of these bands. Take a look at Giant Waves socials below.


Match Making

In this segment, Sarah and Tiffany review individual tracks to upcoming albums given to us and pair it up with a tea, coffee, or alcohol while we talk about upcoming events the bands may be doing. Okay, we’ll mostly be pairing these with alcoholic drinks due to our nature where we grew up.

Checkout Slighter on Bandcamp

First we sampled was another song from Slighter on Bandcamp titled Complicit. It took us back to the dark corners of the 90s Batman universe and to the good ol’ days of laser tag. It was fun. It was sexy. It has class. Those drums bringing reminiscing the drums from closing ceremonies of The Renaissance Faires but also reminding us Klingsons exist with those drums being made of steel.

We paired Slighter‘s song this with a cotton candy martini

1.5 oz vodka
1 oz Midori
4 oz cranberry juice
1 tsp lemon juice
handful cotton candy

Check out the new here

We got the pleasure to sample a song off of Doors in the Labyrinth‘s new album Shadows of the Monolith which will be released March 15th on Bandcamp. The song is called Something Wicked It’s very traditional when you think of goth. It talks about a carnival you might see in the sweltering summer while being affected by the the heat or mushrooms you may have taken. It took me a moment but it really grew on me.

The drink we came up with was a black coffee drink with a hint of orange. After talking to Josh (who is Doors in the Labyrinth) We decided to booze it up. So this is what we came up with-

Mr. Black Coffee with a splash of orange liqueur

You can listen to the EP here

Shivar sent us an EP to listen to. On the Five Faced God EP, we listened to Away from Fading. Shivar has a pleasant H.I.M. sound. Tiffany was reminded of “the best bad decisions” and road trips with friends. One of those best bad decisions was us with a bunch of friends during a bachelorette party. (Weirdly I think that’s when we first met too… Thank you lovely editor of mine getting married.) During that party we went to a famous bar called the Safehouse. Someone decided to order a fish bowl & when it started to get lower, Tiffany had the brilliant idea to see if everyone wanted to mix their drinks together in the bowl. Being the slightly intoxicated party that we were, most of us obliged.

In conclusion, she paired this with the special party flask filled with your favorite booze. I paired this with a sparkling wine because this kind of music reminds me of early summer.

Check out the EP

This is 2 bands in one EP. The 2 bands are Fact Pattern and Dread Risks. The Ep opens with Fact Patterns 2 songs and ending with Dread Risks doing 2 songs

Clinically Proven by Fact Pattern reminds me of the summers back in the day going to concerts or festivals. For Tiffany, it reminded her of a friend who loves Japanese Rock and Chai iced tea.

So in this case, we give Clinically Proven by Fact Pattern a Chai Iced tea and a Berry Ale. Berry Ale is just a good summer festival drink.

Places You Fear Most by Dread Risks gave us the dancing in the dark club vibe. We’re loving the sweet dark vibe it gives. We give this an absinthe slushy died black. Dangerous & yummy.

Normoria recently gave us music to listen to but since it’s an album (and we’re doing singles and EPs in this article), we reviewed their music video .

This Swedish band reminds us of the younger days of being over 18 and younger than 21 and going to a club event in Chicago called Nocturna. If you were lucky, you could grab a cd sampler of bands lying around the club. This band very much reminds us of the type of band on that cd you caught yourself jamming (or stomping) to.

Tiffany paired this up with Herbal Wellness tea and I thought more of a London fog type of tea. A London Fog is typically Earl Grey tea with milk. I usually use unsweetened vanilla almond milk and maybe a sweetener (if I don’t feel sweet enough). You could fancy it up with vanilla extract but no need if you don’t want to.

Next we’re surfing on some waves and dragging down on Main Street with our low ridder car to Guitarmy of One. Guitarmy is Scott Helland from Frenchy and the Punk.

A little Blues Brothers meets Pulp Fiction. So what do you with that sitting on your brain? You make the best damn Pistachio milkshake… It might not be worth five dollars but it’ll be a fucking good milkshake.

Personally, I feel like I need to be chilling at a tiki bar and drinking a zombie with this kind of music. I’m too lazy and don’t have the room to make this drink by hand so the Bacardi mix will do.

Amaranth gave us a brilliant single as well. It’s about calling out men having and them being held accountable for harassment and other awful things “fuck boys” do.

Check out their Bandcamp

The riffs are easy to dance or head-bang to. The message is great; hold everyone accountable for their actions. Tiffany went on a weird but amusing turn with this. When she heard “fuck boy” in the lyrics, she immediately thought of an oldie, Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston. along with a traditional whiskey sour. Gaston made me laugh but she has a good point about a classic whiskey sour. The classic needs an egg and if you were to order that at a bar, you could potentially get looks from it (due to eggs not being much of a thing in most cocktails and apparently Gaston would eat four dozen eggs as a lad to get large.. There is Tiffany logic for you)

For nonalcoholic, we went with a lemonade. It’s delicious and semi sour.

Traditional Whiskey Sour Ingredients:

  • 2 ounces bourbon whiskey
  • 1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 3/4 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 egg white from a small to medium egg
  • Ice for the shaker
  • Mix in a shaker
  • Pour and drink (ice doesn’t need to be in the glass unless you want it)

Our last artist we reviewed is a trap-hop artist from South Africa named Jaey Price on SoundCloud. The beats and piano were easy to dance to. It reminded me of a blue collar bar that I briefly worked at. There, everyone ordered long islands during happy hour. So, I am sticking with a traditional happy hour long island. I say happy hour long island because it’s mostly pre-mix and rail alcohols. (Rail means bottom shelf.) It just reminds me of the people at that bar and what they normally drank.

To make a long island it’s all equal parts alcohol and a splash of soda to give it the tea color. The booze used in a long island is

  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Tequila
  • Triple sec

Tiffany went with a fancier drink than me. She was thinking gin and rose water. It’s something she normally wouldn’t drink but rosewater makes it fancy. Weirdly enough we found a recipe that used roses as simple syrup.

  • 1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 oz rose water simple syrup (see how to make below)
  • 2 oz gin
  • splash club soda

Jaey Price on SoundCloud

This is just a sample of what’s to come. Please check out all the artists and show them some love. They all work hard on their music. We’re trying to see if we can maybe turn this into a podcast or video.

A Moment of Inexplicable Clarity

Automata [Deluxe Edition] by Slighter

Imagine if music can paint you a landscape of walking through the dirty city streets late at night or a grimy futuristic landscape. This is the feel it gives out. I love it.

The album reminds me of Massive Attack. The vocals are very similar and some of the songs sound like they could of collaborated. Now, not all of Slighter sounds like this cd. Each album is different and that’s refreshing.

One of my favorite songs is Walls. The female vocals just knock you off your feet. It feels like being in a grungy future but a goddess is calling out and saying what’s on her mind. I can see myself finishing reading Dune to these tracks.

As I go through the list, I see there are 5 songs I really enjoy. My second favorite is a toss up between The Hunt with Moris Blak and Undertow. The Hunt reminds me of essentially of the scene in Batman 3 where Robin goes into a weird back alley that’s black light and neon to beat up some bad guys. Okay. I can see these songs in most ’90s Batman movies as I’m sitting here listen to this and type.

You can let me know in the comments if I’m crazy or not.

On the Bandcamp comments, Darren Douglas Danahy says ” Not unlike some of my favorite science fiction films or books – where the more detailed my understanding of the work, the more I appreciated them – this album truly became unlocked to me after multiple listens.

Automata uses sounds like environments that describe large shadowy places where melody reaches out to you like a hand from the shadows, a hand you want to take but feel unsure of.

Take that hand and immerse yourself in these environments, say I. You won’t regret it.” I couldn’t of said it any better than Mr. Danahy.

I immensely enjoyed the first part of the album. Since I received the deluxe edition, the second half seemed to change a bit, it becomes the Automata Variable edition That part does not have vocals. It sets the theme to a dark movie score. It’s still quite enjoyable without the lyrics but I the vocals give it a different layer that I enjoy more.

All in all, this album is gritty sounding and let’s your imagination take hold. I don’t know how many times I have listened to this album. I honestly lost count. Every time I listen to it, it changes where my mind goes.

If you like industrial music, this is up your alley. If you enjoy imagining places like Altered Carbon, Tank Girl, Dune, or sometimes even Blade this band is for you.

Slighter has a new album coming out March 5th. I can’t wait!

Slighter music on Bandcamp

Slighter merch


Gears, Goggles, and Ganache

Move over, candy hearts! Here comes Sweet Steam

With that sweet sweet holiday quickly approaching, chocolates are everywhere. Don’t settle for just any chocolate though. Give yourself and your loved ones quality chocolates.

When was your company founded & how did you come up with the idea for your company?

We started doing this as a hobby in 2012, and after years of getting to know the steampunk community and learning more about the chocolate making process, it became a passion. In 2020, we were hoping to turn our little Pinocchio project into a real boy by actually getting our Roustabout Bar–a milk chocolate bar that tastes like a root beer float–into stores around Michigan. Because of the pandemic, we’ve had to mostly put a bookmark in that plan. However, several stores are now carrying our products and we’re looking forward to adding more. 

What gave you the idea for the flavors you’ve created? 

Sometimes we think of flavors that we’ve always wanted in a chocolate, and sometimes we come up with a perfect punny name and search for the right flavor to go with it. For example, one of our first product ideas was a chocolate pocket watch, and of course it had to be orange flavored. Often, when we are going to be attending a convention with a strong theme, we will create a new flavor especially for that event. We created our most recent confection, the Choklava, to match Teslacon’s Murder on the Orient Express event. The original Orient Express travelled through several regions where baklava is a popular dessert. The Choklava is our chocolate version of that delicious treat.

What were the original flavors?

The Clockwork Orange was probably the first, and then we had Chocolate Cogs in dark, milk, white, spicy, mint and peanut butter. Now, we have nearly two dozen flavors, with many complex multi-layered concoctions. 

What made you decide on what shapes to come up with?

We wanted shapes that fit with the Steampunk aesthetic. Initially, pocket watches, gears, locomotives, corsets, top hats, that kind of thing. We followed with shapes influenced by other genres – horror, murder mystery and a certain wizarding world. We’re just as curious as anyone to see where we go next.

What’s the craziest flavored you tried to create? 

We haven’t created it yet–we’re always experimenting! So, keep checking in every November when we launch our newest product at Teslacon in Wisconsin.

What’s the best selling chocolate? 

It depends on when you’re asking, but right now, it’s far and away the Roustabout bar. Our new Choklava, though, is giving it a run for the top spot. (mmmm – rice crisps, honey and pistachio)

Since you also sell many flavors of hot chocolate, did you always have the idea that eventually you would sell hot chocolate or did that just kinda spout up on it’s own?

Right from the beginning we’ve brainstormed many product lines, including hot chocolate, ice cream toppings, and even beer! We figured that we’d get to hot chocolate sooner or later, but after our first couple of events, people started asking us if we had any. We experimented in the off-season, and by the next event we had several flavors of cocoa to offer.

What is the best way to make your hot chocolate? 

We each enjoy it in different ways. Jeff likes to put a teaspoon of the spicy cocoa in his coffee in the morning. Doug goes for a giant mug of mint with fresh marshmallows. Darrow prefers the butterscotch flavor with dark, spiced rum added. Joe starts with the original and adds chunks of the Roustabout bar for a real root beer experience. 

What are your favorite chocolate flavors & favorite hot chocolate flavors? 

Again, that’s a different answer for each of us. Jeff’s current favorite is the Choklava. Doug is a dark chocolate fan, so the 70% Dark Secret Key is his fave. Darrow is torn between the Choklava and the Roustabout. Joe likes the Roustabout Bar and the Butterbeard.

What is the process in making your chocolates & hot chocolates? Are you allowed to share or is it a secret? 

All of our recipes are trade secrets. We’ve discovered that we can’t really copyright the flavors, so we keep them closely guarded, kind of like the Colonel and his herbs and spices.

Who comes up with the lovely packaging?

That’s Doug’s job. It’s nice that we found some use for him. (It’s also handy that he’s been a professional graphic designer for four decades)

Is there anything left you would like to tell the readers? We look forward to conventions opening up again so we can see all our Steampunk friends. But in the meantime we are moving to the next phase of Sweet Steam and getting into stores throughout the region. If you’re in Southeast Michigan, you can find our confections at any of Comic City’s three locations. In Frankenmuth, our friends at Kernel Benney’s Popcorn carry our products — and they’re also shaving our Roustabout Bar into their milkshakes. If you’re near Hartville, Ohio, you can find our products at Chocolate Creations. Of course, if you’re not near any of those places, you can order our confections at Follow us on Facebook at to get the latest news, and may all your days be sweet!

Jingle Jangle: A New Holiday Movie

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey was a nice change of pace compared to most holiday movies. It’s about a father who was the greatest inventor of his time. He had a loving family who supported him. He also had a disenfranchised assistant who felt like he was never listened to enough. This movie is about all of them.

The story kinda begins the same way Princess Bride does and that’s by a grandparent telling a story to their grandkid (grandchildren in this case). The grandma tells a story that she has never told anyone because she feels like it’s time to finally talk about it.

Just a heads up, if you’re not an ounce of a fan of musicals, this is definitely not for you. The music itself has a Hamilton and Blues Brother vibe to it. It’s catchy with full bodied rhythm.

The world the story takes place in is very much a Victorian Christmas village. When you see the town from far away, you can see it built like a Christmas village your grandmother might have from collecting for eons or a larger store might use for a holiday display, looking almost like a mountain of houses.

The costuming is absolutely amazing. There are so many vibrant colors, patterns, & small details to keep you looking for days. My favorite costuming is Ms. Johnston. It goes well with her flirty personality. Let’s just say with all the detailing in every character piece, it certainly gives every scene magic.

The message itself is about family. Family, the main meaning to a lot of holiday movies. Faith in family as well (family can be more than blood related) can accomplish great things. I heard a few complaints about plot holes but remember this is a family movie. It’s supposed to only be fun to watch. Those few holes shouldn’t get you distracted by this adorable family movie.

Finally, let’s get to the actors. Forrest Whitaker plays a role you would normally not expect him to play. He plays a grumpy only man, Jeronicus Jangle, who is the worlds greatest inventor but gets discouraged after a series of events (trying to make this spoiler free). Keegan-Michael Key plays the villian in this story. He is Jeronicus’s ex assistant who created a store of his own. Key’s costumes are vibrant and amazing. My favorite of his is a green and yellow theme suit. Even Ricky Martin makes a comeback in this movie as a atomtronic doll, Don Juan Diego.

On another note, if you still need places to shop and wish to help out the Steampunk community, please check out our previous article here.

Shopping and Entertainment Guide


Art. It’s what’s expressive.  

Jason Burley features at art galleries in Chicago 

Flower Of Liberty Woodworking

Art Salvation eclectic mix of fun

Haverford Guild of Craftsmen 

shop site

main website


Professor Screwed of Screwed Sculpts. I make upcycled sculptures, more often than not robots based on my customers specifications. You can find out lots more about the Screwniverse, including browsing our vast galleries, reading short stories and there is even a robot themed soundtrack album! All free to enjoy. (listed in the music department of this list)

The Cleric Paladin


Pretty pretty things.  

Tooth and Talon is a small art business based in Wisconsin, run by artist Katelyn Westenberger. The motto is: “handmade art and oddities for the weird and wonderful”, and here you will find whimsical wearable art works and home decor that are truly one of a kind. They specialize in leather masks and accessories, as well as sculpture borne from myths and monsters across the globe, aiming always, to blend fantasy with reality and delight the hearts of magic minded individuals far and wide.




EclipsedCrafts  Geeky, witchy, steampunk, and fantasy jewelry and house decor from polymer clay and resin

Chase The Myth Leather belts, pouches, other sundry items and various weird oddments

Most items are made with a minimum of decoration to allow for modification by customers wishing to personalize. Custom orders welcome (subject to availability of materials and our actual ability to make anything)


Whimsical handmade items to bring joy to your life

Punkys Rooster




Doc Stone Studios

The Dragon’s Tailor I specialize in sewing customclothing and costumes, but I also make home goods like throw pillows andaprons, frequently featuring various fandoms (superheroes, a certainspace opera, etc.)

Highwind Steamworks 

Etsy: highwindsteamworks.etsy.comFB:

R. J. Leather My business is mainly a commission operation. There are several staples that I do offer, Plague Doctor Masks, Teacup Holsters, & Bags. The latest offering being, a Titanic Teacup Holster, as a fixed set. It’s a special white, engraved leather with a Titanic Museum reproduction 2nd Class cup and saucer included. It’s $125 + $15 S/H. There’s only 7 available.


Who doesn’t want a plushy or dress up your little ball jointed doll in a pretty outfit? You can also get yourself a famous dino that has been seen at TeslaCon. 

Silly Kitty Hello!

I live in Wisconsin and love making amigurumi (crochet plush) critters and monsters. I’ve been showing and selling these for about 6 years mostly at sci fi conventions and on-line.

Recently I became enchanted by Ball Jointed Dolls and I’m also enjoying making things for them. I hope to have some vintage items as well.

Dark Rain Design

We live in the Philadelphia suburbs and work out of our home. We have several creative endeavors. The most popular of which is our Clockwork Critters. These are steampunk animatronic animal art that we create by repurposing parts of older children’s toys. They all move, most make noise, each is unique, and even given a name. There are many photos and videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Second, my husband makes stained glass window panels and sun catchers. His specialties are spiderwebs, bats, Pride flags, and panels with vintage depression plates or geode slices.

Third, I crochet monsters and aliens. Mostly because I enjoy crocheting and like weird stuff.

Lastly, we are distributors for a series of wooden puzzle/model kits. These are build-it-yourself kits that make a wide variety of things like airships, trains, puzzle boxes, dice towers, and even animals.


Custom Plush Toys and Apparel


Absolutely fantastic one of a kind hats.

Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire Hand-crafted period correct Victorian, Civil War and Steampunk ladies’ hats. Winner of Steampunk Chronicles Readers Choice Award Best Milliner 2014 & 2015


The things we miss


Winter is coming. Read a book or comic book. 

Jessica Lucci-Indie steampunk author



Grandiloquent Word of the Day

Perseverance Triumphant A Victorian Science Fiction Adventure

Madeleine Holly-Rosing Writer/Creator

Boston Metaphysical Society Comic and Novellas

Kickstarter for the Independent Creator (eBook and Print)

Social Media:

Follow on Facebook

Follow on Twitter

Little Alice-  is an author and artist living in Chicago.  She works under the names “Alice Liddell” and “Little Alice”, but also has novels published under her legal name “Lauren A. R. Masterson”.  This multi-talented woman is a creative force to be reckoned with.  She recently released her fifth novel in April 2020 – a romance titled Freja’s Baby Shattered.  This is an alternative storyline to her previous novel, Freja’s Baby, released in March 2020.  Prior to these, Alice has also published a fantasy mermaid novel titled Love of the Sea, a fully illustrated historical fiction novel titled Geisha Hands, and a romance novel titled Tearing Down the Wall.

She also works as an artist under the name KHR Arts, which stands for Katherine Howard Rose, the wife of Henry VIII who was known as the “rose without thorns”.  Alice uses her artistic talents to illustrate her writing works, as well as create original artwork such as acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings.  Alice frequently takes on commission work.

In addition to her published novels and artwork, Alice combines her skills to create art books with her co-editor and best friend, Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic.  Together, they have built Cloud Orchid Publishing, and have published several titles of art books and poetry collections featuring Bryan’s photography and Alice’s poetry short stories, and artwork.

Alice’s Official Website:

Cloud Orchid Publishing:

KHR Arts Redbubble:

Red Velvet Stories Patreon:

Alice’s Amazon Author Page:

Alice’s Alt Amazon Author Page:

Love of the Sea Novel: Hands Novel:


Prep yourselves for when conventions finally happen again. 


The Dragon’s Tailor I specialize in sewing custom clothing and costumes, but I also make home goods like throw pillows and aprons, frequently featuring various fandoms (superheroes, a certain space opera, etc.)



AtticRaiders old world style home decor and accessories

Rathburn’s Den of Antiques

The Dragon’s Tailor I specialize in sewing custom

clothing and costumes, but I also make home goods like throw pillows and

aprons, frequently featuring various fandoms (superheroes, a certain

space opera, etc.)


What did I just say? You’re stuck at home. Make your home more pretty and get yourself a coffee mug.

AtticRaiders old world style home decor and accessories



Tarraway Hoofpress Artifacts of Misrule – Artwork inspired by folkloric characters, tales of devilry, Cornish legendary characters and stories from Steampunk/GeorgianPunk musician GurdyBird.

Traditional characters and the reversal of roles has always been an interest of Tamsyn who goes under the name of Tarraway Hoofpress, Tarraway being a variant name of a Rumplestiltskin-esque Cornish Devil or Bucca from an old Cornish Christmas Guise play named “Duffy and the Bucca”. The “Hoofpress” derives from imagining a printing devil stamping prints out with his cloven foot, (she actually uses a spoon to press the original prints. She has a keen interest in folk tales, customs, devilry, the eccentric clergy and history of anywhere but particularly in those of Cornwall.

Musically, she is known as GurdyBird, who layers numbers of synthesiser melodies, counter melodies, percussion and drum machines, alongside her hurdy gurdy and sometimes a recorder, zither and violin. She composes much of her music herself, with tales of seafaring (she performs mainly in the form of a pirate, if time travel were available in the Georgian era), the Other Side, plague doctors, the world turned upside down, and various characters and places as their themes and reimagines traditional tunes with her own style and dark humour, which can be seen in videos on youtube and often projected or screened at performances.


Go on adventures without leaving home. 

Pick Up And Go Games The goal of every Pick Up & Go Games product is to provide a simple set of rules that can be learned quickly and easily, so your group can begin gaming right away. Easy rules, fast play and unlimited adventure challenging enough for the most seasoned veteran gamer, yet basic enough for the gaming newbie. No investment in a library full of books or thousands of pages to memorize. With our materials, you and your friends will begin your adventures within an hour or two. Every member of our team has decades of gaming experience, and we’ve all found one thing to be consistently true: You don’t need 600-page rulebooks to have fun.


We all like making ourselves pretty and the people we love. 


I’m a Maryland-based full-time mad scientist/part-time artist making quality, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and accessories inspired by the strange and unusual, with a strong dash of nerdy. My modern resin works are created by combining ink with epoxy resin. Utilizing a selection of molds and abstract shapes, the resin is poured and layered to create bright, vibrantly colored jewels that are then combined with hand fabricated metal findings

Renaissance Bronze





TheGreenSorceress Whimsical handmade items to bring joy to your life

Archimedes Azure

Highwind Steamworks 



Reminted Jewelry (Cassie Noble Beyer, Artist) Beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces made from vintage coins, see Facebook page for images of pieces for sale or contact for special orders



Everyone could use a reading every once in awhile

Third Eye Divination


Immortalize your pet 

Pet Portraits by Punkys Rooster


Warmth for your pets along  while making that  home entertainment for yourself & family. 

To Craft a Home handmade crochet boutique specializing in cat apparel – sweaters, hats, and festive costumes purrrfect for any occasion


We all would love a cuppa 

Teaologie LLC 

 C. Sinensis & Friends


It helps our spirits during these times of isolation. Music is always a part of our lives. 

Victor Sierra

Indiegogo project to fund our 5th album:


Official website






Mr B. the Gentleman Rhymer

THE GUILD OF CHAP-HOP, otherwise known as my Patreon page wherein people can see behind the scenes at the Chap-Hop Business Concern and get first looks and exclusives of whatever it is I’m up to.

THE CHAP-HOP SONGBOOK VOLUME II should be with us by the beginning of December.

I’ve also had some lovely new enamel badges made, based on illustrations from both volumes of the Songbook.

These, plus my albums, badges, moustache wax, cufflinks and my novel, ROAST BEEF are available from

As well as that I’m doing a weekly online party, which is regularly number one on the mix cloud trending charts on a Tuesday night at 8pm-late called NICEOLATION parties. It’s basically just me Doing, but I do add a few embellishments like spoons solos and tiny ukulele bits and occasional puppetry. I’m doing the 29th one next week and two weeks ago I did a ten hour all-nighter, from 8pm-6am (GMT).

And people can now download my entire back catalogue from for 25% off what it would cost for the lot. A bargain!


new album called NAMASTE AT HOME 

Steampunk Records

GurdyBird Based in Cornwall in the UK GurdyBird is inspired by the worlds occupied by Playford, the City Waites and Nine Inch Nails, via Adam Ant. She plays a symphonie Hurdy-Gurdy over her backing tracks which she performs, programmes and records herself, creating original compositions inspired by Cornish culture and folklore, Tyburn and unusual renditions of traditional folk tunes and shanties. She combines her musical performances with poetry and, for the full shebang, projects her music videos during performances, which she collaborates on for a multimedia, story-telling effect. She also roams acoustically at events, performs plugged in without the videos if the venue isn’t able to facilitate and also dabbles in remixing.

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Professor Elemental This man needs no introduction by now.–qaI1TFpE


Missing the Renaissance faire? The only people listed in here have that covered for you

Life’s a Faire is a media company that celebrates the Faire community and the magic of Renaissance Festivals. (Because every day should be a Faire day!)

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Mystery and fun. Need holy water, a compass, or shrunken heads? This spot has you covered. 

The Traveling Cabinet of Curiosities is an obscure collection of handcrafted items including magic tricks, kinetic toys, shrunken heads, snake oil, Voodoo dolls, spy glasses, gris-gris bags, wooden puzzles, magic potions, Holy water, oddities, and cultural pieces- all hearkening back to the fun and mystery of yesteryear.

Like Medicine Shows of the past we travel from town to town, delighting people with our curious wares and Tarot readings.

Our storytelling style and interactive presentation bring an element of historical lore and legends.

Madam Cora’s Emporium One stop shop for all things weird to pretty, cute to odd. Home goods to clothing and accessories. Grand Opening is Friday November 27th, and 28th from 12-5pm. Then open Wednesday- Saturday 12-5pm. Madam Cora’s is the support store for the Museum of Mortality. Stop by and check us out! 


A wise cartoon once said learning is half the battle.

Museum of Mortality


These are great for holiday decorating 

Tarraway Hoofpress Artifacts of Misrule – Artwork inspired by folkloric characters, tales of devilry, Cornish legendary characters and stories from Steampunk/GeorgianPunk musician GurdyBird.

Traditional characters and the reversal of roles has always been an interest of Tamsyn who goes under the name of Tarraway Hoofpress, Tarraway being a variant name of a Rumplestiltskin-esque Cornish Devil or Bucca from an old Cornish Christmas Guise play named “Duffy and the Bucca”. 

The “Hoofpress” derives from imagining a printing devil stamping prints out with his cloven foot, (she actually uses a spoon to press the original prints. She has a keen interest in folk tales, customs, devilry, the eccentric clergy and history of anywhere but particularly in those of Cornwall.

Musically, she is known as GurdyBird, who layers numbers of synthesiser melodies, counter melodies, percussion and drum machines, alongside her hurdy gurdy and sometimes a recorder, zither and violin. She composes much of her music herself, with tales of seafaring (she performs mainly in the form of a pirate, if time travel were available in the Georgian era), the Other Side, plague doctors, the world turned upside down, and various characters and places as their themes and reimagines traditional tunes with her own style and dark humour, which can be seen in videos on youtube and often projected or screened at performances.


Hats & sweaters for the winter are very nice.

To Craft a Home handmade crochet boutique specializing in cat apparel – sweaters, hats, and festive costumes purrrfect for any occasion


We all love free stuff. This is a lovely series of stories for a certain fan base. 

Tales of a Timelord



Are you on the naughty list or want to be? We highly suggest looking at The Hellfire Club. Just a warning before clicking, a portion of pictures are NSFW 

The Hellfire Club is a photographic gallery of gorgeous steampunk themed portraits for the discerning lady and gentleman. 

Membership starts at £6 GBP for 1 month access to all galleries on the site. Biannual and annual membership are also available for a discounted rate.

Alternately, for the more daring of you, why not have your own Hellfire Club shoot? Starting at £75, images are tastefully and professionally taken to the levels that you’re comfortable with.*

Join The Hellfire Club through December and get 25% discount on membership by using the code VGSDEC25

*Subject to status, terms and conditions apply

Murder and Mystery at TeslaCon 10

For ten years TeslaCon has been the Fall event, the big one to finish the year. With all the pageantry and costumes along with the immersion it has become the standard for many con goers.

This year to celebrate and mark it’s 10th anniversary TC is once again making a  huge splash. With over 100 panels and special events.

David Lee- Maker

James Neathery-Maker

Karinane Gottchalk-Maker

Montague Jacques Fromage-Entertainer

Doc Phineas- TV Host and Entertainer

Plus very special guest Academy Award Winner Tom McLaughlin who ran the Creature Shop at Henson Studios and worked on the Star Wars saga and created the world of animatronics will be giving special classes throughout the weekend. Along with a free event on Sunday afternoon.

The famous TeslaCon tea room returns with a new tea…”Rain from heaven”, an interactive tea experience. All in a  setting to mimic the dining car on the Orient Express.

There will also will be the TeslaCon costume contest and fashion show Friday night along with music by Dublin O’Shea.

There are also various and different panels from costume making and leather, to paranormal Victorian subjects and actual history events. Saturday afternoon a discussion about the history of the Krampus is concluded with an actual Krampus Parade and then followed by a “German Wurst” lunch in the hotel restaurant. The evening concludes with  a grand Villains Ball featuring live music from the TC Orchestra Vardo.

Throughout the weekend the story that started ten years ago continues with more ups and downs and who done-its than ever before as the famed Orient Express whisks our Steampunk travelers across the great continents of Asia and Europe.
Symposiums, talks, games and so much more… along with entertainment and social gatherings that lead to a huge finish on Sunday!

For more information go to : for info, programming and details. Also tickets!

Teslacon does sell daily tickets at the door. You may preorder them or show up the day of. They do not accept credit cards, just cash. The Dealers room will be open to the public also- Saturday from noon to 6pm and Sunday 10-1pm. You must go to main registration to get a  pass-it will only be for the dealers room, not the event itself.

Teslacon is the longest running consecutive Steampunk Convention in North America, and one of the longest running world wide. Its use of sound enhanced –themed oriented fx throughout the hotel, music help create the atmosphere that many have come to love over the years.

So if you are looking for a fun weekend, a great time to meet people from around the world, and want to experience Steampunk at it’s finest plan to attend TeslaCon 10. Where the world of Steampunk is brought to life!

Moving Up Villainy One Musical Album at a Time

At Chicago Steampunk Exposition, we had the great opportunity to day party with V is for Villains. They were the movers and shakers to get your partying started at the convention.

They have so much high energy that they bring to the stage. It was pleasant to see a local rock band play for a group of people in the middle of the day and transport them to a night showing.

After the convention, we had a chance to talk to Nicholas Santiago, Mr. Agitator, for a little Q&A.

*How long has the band been around?

“I started V Is For Villains at the end of 2010. I started my first band, Digital Mindy in 2000, and by 2010 I felt that I had hit a ceiling. I wanted to expand, to push myself musically and in live performance. I felt like Mr. Agitator and V Is For Villains was the next logical step.”

*What made you decide to get up & start a band? Did something just click at the right moment?

“Well when I was 15 I broke my back. Two blown discs, one of which was shattered. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move or stand up straight without help. I was stuck like that for quite some time. I started taking steroid epidurals and it helped me until I had my first spinal decompression. In that period of time I was on Painkillers, I couldn’t go to school or really focus on anything through the pain. Out of nowhere I started playing with music, sounds, audio engineering. It fascinated me. This idea that a song can be born. That it did not exist before, and yet after you hear it, it is always there and always alive. It give me a reason to live. That reason has served me well for many years. Through good and bad. It is the ultimate puzzle, and in my opinion the ultimate form of self expression. In 2013 at a convention I broke my back and knee on stage in my costume, but that’s a different story….”

* Has your sound stayed the same or changed in any way from when you first started? 

“My music has certainly evolved. My tastes, like most, have changed and refined through the years. I was never too worried about having a “good voice” or a certain “sound”. I was always more entertained by something that is interesting. I think as a songwriter, you end up in a very interesting position as creator and listener. You are creating while listening. If it interests me as a listener, that’s usually where I gravitate. I think my sound in Digital Mindy was different. I try to bring something unique to every album. I never want the listener to say “Oh well, I heard this album 4 years ago…”. I know that is what some people like, and that’s okay, it’s just not the story I’m interested in telling.” 

* Which do you prefer doing personally & as a band, live or studio recording?

“I honestly feel that they are two totally different experiences as a performer and as a listener. The Recording process is full of intimacy. Very internal. Where the liver performance is a group experience that is shared with the audience. Two different flavors and I honestly love them both. At the core, I am far more of a song writer and audio engineer at heart. Writing the song is usually the most fun aspect to me. I do however love playing with people on stage and pushing the expected envelope. Mr. Agitator is a fitting code name.”

*How did everyone’s personas come about? 

“I think everyone probably has their own personal meaning in their personas. Mr. Agitator is very much an amalgamation of all of these things that have influenced me and remain present. The persona is very inspired by Batman, The Joker, The Phantom Of The Opera,The Shadow, and so on. My only prerequisite was to not take ourselves and our influences too serious. I think humor is important. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and to take negative criticism. It’s all a part of the game.” 

*Who are your musical inspirations?

“I am a huge fan of 90s Industrial music. I love Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, PIG, Depeche Mode. I have always been very big into this idea that a synthesizer as a tool can shred like a guitar if you use it correctly. I love the idea that Digital sounds are capable of what the writer pulls from them. On the same coin I grew up listening to film scores. I love composers and scores and still very regularly play them. I think it did a lot to teach me about the narrative of music. That sounds can tell a story. I also grew up loving mainstream artists like Billy Joel, Harry Connick Jr, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra. A good song is a good song. I love my influences but I don’t care to be those artists. I want to make something new.”

*What do you do to inspire yourself to write an album and the songs? 

“I feel like the album as a whole work is dying out. In the Digital Age, we are not thinking of works as a whole anymore. Just 2 minute YouTube bytes. I’m not saying this is wrong, but it’s not my favorite method. I like having a full album. I think it’s cool. I always go into a collection of songs trying to provide a greater feel. I always look at my albums as a collection of short stories. An anthology series like Tales From The Crypt or Creepshow. I write purely on emotion. I am not musically trained whatsoever so it just has to feel right. “

*What’s the best way for people to listen to your music? I assume the best way to purchase though would be straight to your website since you’ll all get the money then. 

“The latest album “Villains Never Die” is only available for sale on our website until around December. Then it will be available to stream on all streaming platforms. Our other albums “Evolve or Die” and “Murder In The Art” can be purchased on iTunes, through website or on Spotify. We also have dabbled in music videos on YouTube.”

*Why do you prefer the villain over there hero? (Personally I always do too) 

“I feel that what makes someone a Hero or Villain is only a matter of perspective. To some people we may be Heroes, to most we are Villains. That line has always interested me. In today’s society of cancel culture and social execution before trial, I feel that line is thinner than ever. I have seen people that I thought would be life long allies turn on a dime. It’s hard to understand or explain, its just a side effect of the current world. I think its so easy to be branded Villain. Why not wear the title proudly?”

*How have the Steampunkers & Chicagians responded to your music? 

“Honestly it’s been a very mixed bag. It’s been mostly positive I think. I feel like the larger community expects a certain “thing”. We are NOT that “thing”. I feel like that  can lead many to block out or avoid without truly listening or trying. If someone really gives it a chance and it isn’t their thing, I am 100% supportive of that. It’s not my intention to tell someone if my music is good or not, my job is just to present it. I want people to make up their own minds. Most of the people we have met in the community are very kind and supportive. I always appreciate when people listen.”

*What’s the best way for people to contact you for setting up a gig? 

“We are an independent band, if you would like V Is For Villains for you live show or Event you may message me directly at”

*Is there anything else you would like to add about the new album, you & the crew, or any random fun bits of information? 

“After being off of performing for over a year, we are back at it. V Is For Villains next show will be headlining the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville on Saturday October 26th! Come out, see the show and make up your own mind. Until then, remember: Villains Never Die”

New Convention Puts Chicago Steampunk on Full Display

In 1893, the World’s Colombian Exposition brought many wonders to the city of Chicago, and this September you can imagine yourself walking the thoroughfares of an “alternative” 1893, filled with strange contraptions and eccentric inventors. Experience retro-futuristic visions of an antique future at the Chicago Steampunk Exposition as you wander through the exhibits, artists, authors, vendors, presenters, and entertainment in Rosemont Illinois on the weekend of September 27 – 29 at the Westin O’Hare Hotel.

The term Steampunk was whimsically coined in April 1987 by American science fiction author K.W. Jeter as a play on Cyberpunk when he noticed a new trend of some novels that had Victorian settings, but with dystopian themes. While the name Steampunk is 32 years old, the genre itself stretches back to Victorian authors such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, and some date the birth of Steampunk as June 14th, 1822, the day that British engineer Charles Babbage almost invented the first modern computer, The Difference Engine! It was designed in 1822, but was not actually built until 1991 when it was proven to actually work. So in the laws of alternate realities, the Information Age occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria, and Steampunk fans like to dream and create what that world might have looked like; they are “historical reenactors of a future that neverwas.”

While Steampunk is the main focus of the Exposition, there are several rooms devoted to specific aspects of the fandom

It was around 2005 that Steampunk began to evolve from a literary genre and blossom into the full subculture of music, art, fashion, and shared community that we enjoy today. During that time Steampunk events have been emerging across the globe, and this year Chicago is ready to play host to one of the biggest in the world. The Chicago Steampunk Exposition is a blend of part Comic Con, part Renaissance Festival, and large dash of eccentric mad scientist, all mixed up with Victorian style and grace. In September, both floors of the Westin O’Hare’s conference rooms will play host to the massive gathering with almost a hundred exhibitors including artists, writers, musicians, vendors, and over a hundred hours of workshops, presentations, and entertainment.

Goth and satirist Aurelio Voltaire headlines the music program which also includes: Unwoman, V is for Villains, Sir Reginal Pike Devant Esq., and Chicago’s favorite retro-futuristic DJ, Vorteque. In addition to music, the entertainment also offers dramatic and comedic theater performances from Outerworld Theatre, Moebius Theatre, Terra Mysterium, and L.I.V.E. (Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment) Radio Show. Throughout the weekend, there are also workshops on costuming, prop building, and a huge variety of presentations on Steampunk related topics. 

Numerous speakers will be offering up their real and alternate history expertise, many of whom are widely regarded in the Steampunk community and publishing industry. Writers Leanna Renee Hieber, Michael Coorlim, and other authors will share the joys of writing and Steampunk literature. From film and television the Exposition is joined by actor Bishop Stevens of The Steampunk Adventures of Salem Tusk, Thomas Willeford of the show Steampunk’d, H.H. Holmes documentarian John Borowski, and other filmmakers. Diana Pho, the leading Steampunk multicultural expert and TOR Publishing editor, is the featured speaker for the “Around the World” track that brings Steampunk from beyond Europe and North America.

While Steampunk is the main focus of the Exposition, there are several rooms devoted to specific aspects of the fandom, such as the aforementioned “Around the World” program. For those liking the darker and shadowy side of the Victorian Era, there is the “Gothic Parlour,” and for those who like tabletop gaming, there are several rooms devoted to board games and role-playing games in the “Steampunk Gaming” track. If you like to make things with your hands the “Maker Room” and the “Crafts Room” are places you should visit, and for aspiring writers or avid readers, the “Retro-Futurist Writers Conference” is a must. There are various other presentations on offer, and with activities for all ages, much of the weekend is family friendly.

For a Chicago event of this size, tickets are very reasonably priced, starting as low as $5 for Sunday tickets for children aged six or above; five and under get in for free on any day. One day tickets are available for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but many people opt to buy a full weekend pass in order to get the whole experience. Parking at the Westin O’Hare is just $10/day, which those familiar with Chicago events will know is a great bargain. For those taking public transit, the Westin O’Hare is just a block from the Blue Line Rosemont station, and a dozen bus services also go to the Rosemont CTA stop. A free shuttle runs from O’Hare Airport to the venue, so whether you are flying, busing, driving, taking the train, or steering your steam powered airship, the Chicago Steampunk Exposition is easy to find.

It is worth noting that while many people will dress up in various outlandish and elegant Steampunk outfits, all explorers are welcome regardless of attire; as Steampunks like to say, “costume admired, but not required.” That said, however, there will be plenty of merchants at the Exposition with amazing outfits and accessories available if you find yourself taken with the style. Also, there will be many workshops that teach you how to make your own Steampunk props and costume pieces for the DIY inclined.

To find out more, and delve further down the rabbit hole, visit for information about ticket prices, special events, entertainment line up, and much more.