A Musical Visit to Russia

Back in January a a Russian music label called Chtonic Muzak got a hold of us to take a look at some of their bands.

The main one they showed us was Karluv Tyn. They are a side project of a more known band in Russia, Giant Waves. Both bands have been played on the radio and Podcasts in Germany, Italy, USA, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Poland, and Spain.

I will admit this is my first time hearing this band. I like them. They fit the spring sunset I’m currently watching from my window.

I’m trying to come up with the best way to describe their sound. Their press release couldn’t of said it better “cold-pop project in Russian….we were inspired by 80-s pop music, soviet wave, apocalyptic folk lyrics,  European Christian mysticism and Russian poetry. Karluv Tyn is the name of a famous large gothic castle founded 1348 by Charles IV, so the band took it to emphasize the dark atmosphere of the songs and west Slavic culture. The project was founded in 2017 on the base of GIANT WAVES band with the intention to provide eastern block post-punk/coldwave music to the bigger European audience.”

Before the plague hit, Karluv Tyn was going to release physical copies of their newest album. Instead they ended up digitally releasing it. The video above is their official quarantine video. It’s pretty good considering the restrictions of the plague and all. The album is pretty amazing as well. I can’t speak Russian so I don’t know what they’re saying but the rhythm is easy to dance to.

Below I’ll post another quarantine video so you listen to more of their music.

Get your head bopping to this set.

The music video below is the adjacent band that is more known, Giant Waves. This is posted so you can hear both bands.

If you like either of these bands. Take a look at Giant Waves socials below.