Nitty Gritty & Sexy All Over

This band has been taking off over the last year. Covid somehow has made this band strong as an old fashioned locomotive. In August of last year they release their first EP only of July last year. Their single Unicorn Bones caught the attention of many media outlets and their music video for Unicorn Bones received over 1,000 views in the first 2 weeks. I’ll admit I just heard about them in the beginning of this year but I’m quickly becoming big fan.

Rock out to Unicorn Bones

The band is considered Post Punk. Personally, I just want to call it dirty sexy music. Their music reminds me going to a hole in the wall punk or metal bar in a big city, like Chicago. You go into the bar and red is illuminated all over the place due to the neon beer signs. You walk around and see people wearing leather, jeans, fishnets, and eye liner. The bar floor looks like it’s had a few bar fights that were resolved fast enough; cleaning the after math, not so much. You grab a beer. You listen to the band on stage. Obviously it’s Bellhead. You head towards the bathroom. As you approach the bathroom, you notice there is a chunk of door missing. You peer through the hole in the door & you see a couple making out. One has a large mohawk but that’s all you can really make out without prying too much. This long description is what vibes I get from them.

This snippet pretty much strengthens what I just said.

Bellhead’s sound pretty much explains the Chicago nightlife from what I’ve experienced living here off and on. They are from Chicago and I’m happy to have them as part of this great big city. Their second EP comes out in a few days, July 16th. I’ve listened to the EP and love it. They continue their solid sound in this EP. I just wish they already had more music out so I can listen to more.

A sample of a song on the EP. WARNING- sex, drugs, & amputation in the very short video

With the 5 songs on the EP, 3 are faster paced and 2 are a slower pace. All are good and the order they put them in has a good flow. I highly encourage you to check them out and listen to their new EP. A goodie is one about Frankenstein’s monster. It has a touch of a rockabilly horror vibe.

Below are their social media links and where you can listen to their music








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