Jingle Jangle: A New Holiday Movie

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey was a nice change of pace compared to most holiday movies. It’s about a father who was the greatest inventor of his time. He had a loving family who supported him. He also had a disenfranchised assistant who felt like he was never listened to enough. This movie is about all of them.

The story kinda begins the same way Princess Bride does and that’s by a grandparent telling a story to their grandkid (grandchildren in this case). The grandma tells a story that she has never told anyone because she feels like it’s time to finally talk about it.

Just a heads up, if you’re not an ounce of a fan of musicals, this is definitely not for you. The music itself has a Hamilton and Blues Brother vibe to it. It’s catchy with full bodied rhythm.

The world the story takes place in is very much a Victorian Christmas village. When you see the town from far away, you can see it built like a Christmas village your grandmother might have from collecting for eons or a larger store might use for a holiday display, looking almost like a mountain of houses.

The costuming is absolutely amazing. There are so many vibrant colors, patterns, & small details to keep you looking for days. My favorite costuming is Ms. Johnston. It goes well with her flirty personality. Let’s just say with all the detailing in every character piece, it certainly gives every scene magic.

The message itself is about family. Family, the main meaning to a lot of holiday movies. Faith in family as well (family can be more than blood related) can accomplish great things. I heard a few complaints about plot holes but remember this is a family movie. It’s supposed to only be fun to watch. Those few holes shouldn’t get you distracted by this adorable family movie.

Finally, let’s get to the actors. Forrest Whitaker plays a role you would normally not expect him to play. He plays a grumpy only man, Jeronicus Jangle, who is the worlds greatest inventor but gets discouraged after a series of events (trying to make this spoiler free). Keegan-Michael Key plays the villian in this story. He is Jeronicus’s ex assistant who created a store of his own. Key’s costumes are vibrant and amazing. My favorite of his is a green and yellow theme suit. Even Ricky Martin makes a comeback in this movie as a atomtronic doll, Don Juan Diego.

On another note, if you still need places to shop and wish to help out the Steampunk community, please check out our previous article here.


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