There’s Now an 8th Deadly Sin

This article is a joint effort between Sarah Harris and Kasandra Zavrie-Higdon.

Sarah: Victor & the Bully are two of the most energetic people I have met.
It’s great to see them come out with a new album. They told us their thinking process for songwriting and composing and essentially it is; make a tune and sit on it until it nags you and you can write ear catching lyrics. They just love making feel good music that you could hum to, or dance to. This new album, 8th Deadly Sin, is no exception. At times I have the song Barrel of a Gun stuck in my head while I’m sleeping.

Kasandra: Their debut album, Deathbed Confessions, was a good romp
through their musical talents and creative minds. They burst open the doors of the steampunk community and took it by storm. They are in your face and laughing, dancing and shooting at your feet making you dance (metaphorically speaking). Their smiles are as contagious as their music is dance-able. Also, who can resist a ukulele?

This, their second album is full of mischief and mayhem, a true musical delight to my ears. As I sit here and write this, I am dancing in my chair. My feet must tap to the beat. Whatever they have done to make this sound work for them, work it does. This is a splendid second album. I loved the debut album but the 8th Deadly Sin is even more fun and I didn’t think that was possible.

This is a great album to start off your collection of steampunk influenced music. It’s very upbeat and stomp-able to say the very least. The first release
from the album was F.R.E.A.K.S., which was very warmly received in part because it also featured Professor Elemental on vocals. I must admit when I
heard it, I was very pleased.

I love their energy. Every song tells a story and that story comes at a fast pace that will leave you feeling breathless but wanting for more. If you don’t want to dance when you hear these gents, then you are dead. I can see why Sarah likes Barrel of a Gun so much. She is probably singing the chorus in defiance in her sleep. It’s one that can get stuck in your head easily. My sing along song is Fur Better or Worse. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, is the question and I love it. If the true 8th Deadly Sin is being a Victor and the Bully fan, then I am guilty of that sin and proud of it.

If you haven’t heard anything from Victor and the Bully, then what are you
waiting for? You can sample them on Spotify or iTunes as well as Soundcloud for free.


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